Most greywater systems require some kind of regular maintenance. While some householders may be keen to get involved, other may be unwilling or unable to do so. If maintenance is not carried out, systems may fail and savings will be reduced. The cost of professional maintenance will further extend payback periods.


Cost Effectiveness

The cost-effectiveness of greywater systems is as variable as the systems themselves. The amount of money will depend on:

  • Volume of water saved
  • Price of the mains water replaced
  • Costs of installing, running and maintaining they greywater system.


If you use a large volume of water to irrigate your garden and you purchase a simple system to divert cooled bath water, you could make substantial savings with very little capital investment. In contrast, if you install an expensive 'bio-mechanical' greywater system just for toilet flushing in your house, you are unlikely to see any return on your investment.

Before investing in a greywater system, it is worth calculating what sort of savings you are likely to see on your water bill.