Ecoplay - Greywater Recycling

This product, manufactured by a member of the BMA, uses an innovative micro greywater management system which recycles bath and shower water and uses it to flush toilets Climate and lifestyle changes are focusing increasing attention on the need to use our water resources in a far more efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Ecoplay offers a practical, affordable and sustainable way to meet this demand by significantly reducing the domestic mains water that is currently used just to flush toilets.


Pontos AquaCycle - Greywater Recycling

Another product from a BMA member, Pontos AquaCycle systems require no chemicals whatsoever to turn bath and shower water into hygienically clean treated waste water of a consistent high quality which can be used a second time for flushing the toilet, washing machines etc.

The system recycles shower and bathwater in a patented biological-mechanical process without chemical additives. It guarantees constantly high water quality that conforms with the European Directive 76/160EWG for Recreational Water.


Roca W+W

Designed by the Roca Innovation Lab together with Gabriele and Osacr Buratti, W+W is a truly exciting new product innovation from Roca , a member of the BMA.

The washbasin and WC are two essential elements in every single bathroom. Roca has combined these two elements to create W+W - an all-in-one washbasin and WC designed to maximise space and conserve water.

This ground breaking idea, incorporating Roca's new 'water-reuse' technology, uses waste water from the basin to fill the WC cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 litre dual-flush WC. For safe hygiene there is a double filtration system to filter particle eliminating bacteria.