What's the carbon footprint of my product?

Some businesses now have the technology to asses the carbon footprint of their products and play a greater part in fighting climate change, thanks to a standard launched by BSI British Standards, the Carbon Trust and Defra.

The standard - called PAS 2050 - is a consistent way of counting the greenhouse gas emissions embedded in good and services throughout their entire life cycle - from sourcing raw materials, through to manufacture, distribution, use and disposal.

The aim of the standard is to help businesses move beyond managing the emissions their own processes create and to look at the opportunities for reducing emissions in the design, making and supplying products. This will then help businesses make goods which are less carbon intensive and ultimately develop new products with lower carbon footprints.

PAS 2050 builds on existing methods established through BS EN ISO 14040 and BS EN ISO 14044 by specifying requirements for the assessment of the life cycle GHG emissions of products.

You can find a full copy of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2050 at www.bsigroup.com/pas2050