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COVID-19 Recovery plans to lead businesses out of the coronavirus-induced recession could enhance improvements in climate change, brought on by the slow-down of the economy, and boost the home improvement sector in the UK, leading to greener homes.

The recently published ‘Plan to Rebuild’  from the UK government supports a recovery plan that focuses on the green economy and commits to building on the carbon reductions experienced since the lockdown began.

There is growing support in the UK and Europe for a push on building renovation projects to help kick start the construction sector out of recession.  Whilst homeowners may not have the funds to finance their home improvements, financial incentives from national governments could make it possible. This is good news for the UK bathroom industry and those wanting to promote energy efficiency and using water wisely in the home.

The Unified Water Label (UWL) is well placed to support these initiatives.  It is a smart tool that can help consumers make an informed choice and is already supported by a substantial database of products. The European Bathroom Forum is working towards an 80% market share of units sold, for taps and showers for the UWL.  When this is achieved, the UWL will be influencing a reduction in water and energy consumption by as much as 21% with new products installed.

Companies that promote UWL products will be supporting those governments wishing to reduce water use and energy wastage.

Clearly there is still much uncertainty about how we will come out of the recession caused by Covid-19 but whatever happens, the need to protect one of our most valuable resources, water and strive towards greener homes will remain.

The UWL can play a key role in bringing to market innovative and technologically advanced products that will make a difference.

More information about the UWL, along with details on how to register products and the opportunity for them to be included in a directory can be found here

This guest blog was written by Yvonne Orgill, MD at Unified Water Label

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