Steel Baths



  1. Rigid, durable and lighter weight than cast iron
  2. Pressed steel with a 'fired on' porcelain enamel (glass-like) coating
  3. Flame proof, fade proof and corrosion resistant
  4. Ideally suited for heavy usage (eg. hotels)


General Questions to ask

  • How easy is the product to clean?
  • For how long has the manufacturer and retailer been trading. Is the manufacturer a member of any trade organisation such as the BMA?
  • What customer service does the manufacturer and retailer offer?
  • What length of warranty and what conditions does the manufacturers give?
  • What spare parts are available and for how long in the life of the product?


Frequently asked Questions

How are steel baths best cleaned?

A. Porcelain enameled products should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water. They can then be rinsed with clean water and, if desired, dried and polished with a soft cloth. In this way regular cleaning will prevent a build up of soluble salts. Some proprietary cleaners can have an adverse effect on the enameled surface and we strongly recommend that the instructions on the bottle of your chosen cleaner are followed. Bleach can destroy the gloss surface of enamel and it is essential that it is not used.

Q I dropped a screw driver, point first, in my steel bath and chipped a small piece of enamel. Can it be repaired?

A. Yes. Contact your supplier or manufacturer of the bath. Most good manufacturers can supply you with a small pot of enamel paint which exactly matches the colour of your enamel. Be aware however that the surface is damaged for good and the repair is only cosmetic.

Q My porcelain enameled steel bath has started developing narrow but dark grey vertical lines down one side of the tub? Help please!

A. Take your wedding ring off when to get into the bath! The chances are that the ring is rubbing the enamel (and the gold is rubbing off your ring.) 

I am refurbishing my bathroom in a very old house. The floor is very uneven and I am worried about installing a bath.

A. Don’t worry. All baths have adjustable legs and feet which should take up the unevenness of your bathroom floor. The bath should then be installed perfectly level.

Q My bathroom is really small and has never had a bath in it. What can I do? 

A. Don’t worry. Recent and developments in bath design mean that many manufacturers now produce baths of compact dimensions and shape to suit your requirements.