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The use of shower enclosures, wet rooms, and shower units has seen rapid growth over recent years. The range of available products is astounding and the choice for the consumer is better than ever before.

Enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. Space saving enclosures with ‘bi-fold’ door types are popular as are the relatively new ‘walk-in’ styles with added shelf space. Also increasingly popular are shower cabins which are fully enclosed include such luxuries and body jets and steam generators. The price of these systems has been falling over recent years.

Likewise the installation of ‘wet rooms’ or wet zones’ has been creating interest. Here the entire bathroom is fully sealed so that excess spray from the shower simply drains away into a specially constructed drainage system. The entire bathroom is sealed.

Shower units and controls are becoming increasingly stylish. The ‘white box on the wall’ is no longer the only choice for a consumer. Instantaneous electric showers are now available in particularly attractive designs using glass and slate fascias and other materials to enhance the look. Thermostatically controlled shower mixers take the biggest share of the mixer market – the added safety benefits have helped increase their popularity. Digital mixers, which can be in pumped or un-pumped versions are also seeing growth.


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