Cast Iron Baths



  1. Immensely strong, heavy and durable.
  2. Coated with porcelain enamel for a glass-like surface.
  3. Mainly traditional shapes – rectangular or roll top free standing.


General Questions to Ask

  • how easy is the product to clean?
  • for how long has the manufacturer and retailer been trading. Is the manufacturer a member of any trade organisation such as the BMA?
  • what customer service does the manufacturer and retailer offer?
  • what length of warranty and what conditions does the manufacturers give?
  • what spare parts are available and for how long in the life of the product?


Frequently asked questions

I am refurbishing my bathroom in a very old house. The floor is very uneven and I am worried about installing a bath.

A. Don’t worry. All baths have adjustable legs and feet which should take up the unevenness of your bathroom floor. The bath should then be installed perfectly level.

Q My bathroom is really small and has never had a bath in it. What can I do? 

A. Don’t worry. Recent and developments in bath design mean that many manufacturers now produce baths of compact dimensions and shape to suit your requirements.