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The principle objective is to provide an independent forum for bathroom manufacturers trading in the UK to properly discuss and debate matters of mutual interest. The BMA acts as an information highway between Industry Government and the consumer on all issues that affect the bathroom business in the UK.

The main objectives are:

  • To Keep members informed of developments/changes in legislation, regulation and conditions affecting Industry

  • To Provide a channel for representations to Governments on proposed changes and other matters that will have an impact on Industry

  • To communicate the strengths of the bathroom industry to all sectors

  • To raise standards and promote the benefits of better bathrooms

  • To educate all people engaged within the UK bathroom industry

  • To offer relevant sources of information to aid the membership within their day to day business, i.e.. trade names register, market trends, technical advice etc.‚Äč

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) is committed to working with all of their members, to complement their work by focusing attention on issues which are more effectively dealt with by a collective body. 

The BMA has 4 focus areas:

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The BMA ensures that all Association activity embraces these areas and with the aid of membership initiatives are identified, developed and implemented to gain competitive advantage for member's products and services.

  Technical and Environmental

The technical and environmental focus is increasing in importance as manufacturers seek to address the changes within regulation and legislation. Fundamental to the technical function the BMA has involvement in many industry standards and Government forums, thereby giving the BMA and its membership the opportunity to influence and lead on proposed changes. 

Manufacturers have many challenges in today's competitive market not least the implementation and compliance with a raft of legislation appertaining to environmental issues. The BMA ensures that an information highway carries relevant information to all sectors within member companies, keeping personnel abreast of changes and giving an early warning of pending changes to ensure that the right products are available to meet market demands.

The Technical function is supported by a technical committee structure and sub working groups offering the membership the right forum and opportunity to debate matters of interest and thus giving the secretariat a clear direction on these industry issues.


Education is a priority in keeping abreast of changes and increasing professionalism within the market place. The BMA via the Bathroom Academy offers a wide range of courses, which aim to increase product knowledge, raise awareness of the importance of current legislation and regulation, which is paramount to ensuing today's bathroom products and designs are adhering to the law.

Increasing product knowledge enables the right product to be sold first time thereby reducing complaints and keeping profit on the bottom line. But it is not just about product knowledge, the BMA keeps a regular flow of information to help educate its members on a host of issues including employment law, competition law and consumer law.

 Water Efficiency

A key element of Government strategy is reducing waste on energy and water. BMA membership keeps abreast of new and changing strategy and encourages dialogue with Government departments at all levels. Regular meetings, presentations and open forum with members enabling Government to have first hand knowledge of industry views.

Water Efficiency plays a key role in Government thinking to reduce emissions and waste water, ensuring that the water supply in the UK is able to meet today and future demands. The BMA plays its role in ensuring the industry view is heard. The BMA seeks the views of its membership via a committee structure that concentrates on water efficiency issues.

 Designing for Life

Designing for Life looks at the ageing population and the challenges facing bathroom manufacturers. The BMA via its Designing for Life Committee looks at the market, the challenges, the aspirations and has undertaken a pooling of information to aid manufacturers in making their own commercial decisions to address this market sector.

Government strategy Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods identified 16 key areas of a house that can be designed to embrace all ages and abilities - the bathroom is one of these key areas.

The BMA via its comprehensive website is developing in conjunction with Occupational Therapists an easy search database of members product to aid in the selection process for bathroom design and adaption.