04th Sep 2017

Impey Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of EasyFit Floor Former with Release of New Installation Video

Pioneering showering solutions manufacturer Impey is known to many as the founder of the modern-day wetroom; with a portfolio of wetroom solutions which facilitate simple-installation, durability and longevity. The pivotal change in the design of the popular EasyFit floor former, was the introduction of a unique rotating drainplate, which allows for quick and easy avoidance of underfloor obstructions. During the wetroom installation process, lifting the floor can reveal a multitude of complications: double joists, gas pipes, electrical cables and other unexpected obstacles which can hinder wetroom installations of floor formers with a fixed-position waste. The rotating funtion of the EasyFit’s drainplate simply circumvents any unwanted underfloor obstructions and typically saves at least half a day of installation time. This ground-breaking leap in design, realised by the Impey R&D team at the company’s Somerset HQ, firmly cemented Impey as market leaders.

The EasyFit floor-former which is known for its superior strength and rigidity, is manufactured with high glass content, using the SMC compression moulding process. At just 22mm thick (equivalent to a standard floor board), EasyFit is designed to be placed straight onto joists and can easily withstand weights of 300kg (47 stones), with no need for underboarding.

Installers from across the UK have flocked to Impey’s We Are Wetrooms Training Tour, which continues throughout 2017. In addition, to celebrate five-years of EasyFit success, Impey has launched a new installation video, which offers an insightful demonstration of how to correctly install the EasyFit dec.

Impey’s managing director John Blackburn comments: “Our EasyFit dec is an advanced and reengineered evolution of the original handmade Impey dec. As the product has evolved over the years, so has the manufacturing process. Today our SMC compression moulded EasyFit dec is not only renowned for its simple installation benefits but also for its structural integrity, strength and performance. The feedback from our customers confirms that EasyFit continues to be the favoured choice when it comes to wetroom solutions.”

Joe Mühl, sales and technical director of Ocean Bathrooms says: “Feedback from installers is that EasyFit is their favourite. It is very easy to install, adapts to its surroundings and is a very strong product. Impey is a trusted brand and offers a great technical service.”

Tiler and installer Andy Carroll explains: “Impey is a very progressive brand and the products are designed to make the installer’s life easier. The rotating trap on the EasyFit floor former is a huge timer save and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Impey products to other installers and tilers.”

Gary Nutting, creative director of Wave Bathrooms comments: “Impey products are innovative and the EasyFit’s rotating waste system means your installer is always sure to avoid hitting a joist or steel in the floor.”

The new Impey EasyFit installation video can be found at: www.impeyshowers.com/EasyFit

Visit: www.impeyshowers.com for further information about Impey products and services.

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