On Tuesday 17 October 2017, this well respected conference for the bathroom and kitchen industries will be held at The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield.

The conference brings together key people from bathroom and kitchen businesses and has, over the last decade, seen delegate numbers grow to over 240. Following on from the success of the invitation to the kitchen industry to attend, delegate numbers will grow this year to 300.  Attended by senior industry decision makers, the conference offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers, merchants, distributors, retailers, architects, designers and the media to discuss and influence the industry’s development. 

In addition, the conference provides an excellent platform to hear from leading experts in their field, on topics relevant to businesses in the UK bathroom and kitchen industries.  The conference forms part of a 2-day event which will also include BMA members’ meetings (need more detail here if possible). 

This year’s theme is “Turning Change Into Opportunities”.  Life is change; it’s an opportunity to be embraced, not to be seen as a threat. 

The UK bathroom market is an ever changing place and as such, no different to life itself.  It is constantly evolving and has done since the first WC was invented in the mid-1500s, and even before that, when the Minoans gave us hot water bathing.

Businesses in constantly evolving industries have to adapt and look for positives that can be turned into profit from challenges in the market place.  These challenges range from:

  • the consequences of the UK leaving Europe
  • the merger of cultures and our aging population
  • the resulting change to our demographics
  • the impact those changes have on our beliefs, traditions, homes, families and lifestyles

In today’s market place, the savvy consumer has the internet at his fingertips.  Individuals have more knowledge and buying power than ever before.  Consumer buying habits & the digital age are two of the key challenges facing manufacturers today.

As consumers buy more and more ‘big ticket’ items from internet retailers, what will it mean for UK bathroom and kitchen manufacturers?  How does this affect traditional sales channels?  And what impact does that have on servicing existing channels?  As new channels open up to consumers, does this mean inferior product and greater numbers of non-compliant product entering an already diverse market place?  And what implications does this have for the unsuspecting consumer?


If these are some of the hot topics being addressed within your own business – then the Conference is the place to be.  Come and join your peers to hear more from speakers discussing:

  • Leaving the EU – what are the possible consequences for manufacturers?
  • The changing buying habits of the consumer
  • Demographics & culture shifts - how will they influence future designs of products and homes?
  • Compliant product or not!  Current legislative frameworks are over stretched and often do not work effectively.  How can legitimate companies compete on an uneven playing field?
  • The Bonfield Report – Each Home Counts (Download report here).  What consumer advice and protection is available to ensure standards are monitored & enforced to keep their homes safe?


For more information please contact event organisers via: Bandkconf@bathroom-association.org.uk

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